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Bike rental on park


              Do you want to rent?an electric mountain bike?

                           It's very simple...



Bike Rental in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Choose the Duration: Decide how long you want to ride.Yourlaughedfs

  2. Select Size : Choose the bike size that suits you best. (the first letter on the label corresponds to the size of the bike, example "M3247" = Medium.

  3. Reservation :Send us a message of confirmation with the number of the bike you wish to use (found on the clearly visible label on the frame).

  4. Payment : You can pay for your rental either by Twint, bank transfer, or if you want to pay in cash, call us directly, we will find a solution


  5. Unlocking and Return :

  • After receiving payment via bank transfer, you will receive a code to unlock the electric bike you selected.

  • You are free to take the padlock with you during your turn. If you don't want to take it, leave it in the crate to the left of the bike park.

  • For the return, place the rear wheel of the bike on the bike rack and make sure to put the same color padlock back between the frame, the rear wheel and the safety cable.

  • Once done, simply send us a photo ofa bike and a well-secured helmet, and you're done. 

Pas de vélos disponibles sur le parc ? Appelle-nous ! Nous ne sommes pas très loin et nous pouvons sûrement t'aider


Write, or call us directly


Go with complete peace of mind wherever the wind takes you

Ancre 1

FLYER UPROC4 rental price list

image uproc.jpg

The Uproc4 is a versatile mountain bike, suitable for
off-road outings, crossing the Alps and
technical trails. It has a travel
140 mm and 27.5 inch tires
providing excellent grip.
Compared to Uproc7, it retains
great capacity on difficult terrain while
being more agile on moderate trails.
His training unit
Panasonic GX Ultimate, lightweight at 2.9 kg, offers
harmonious power, even in
steep climbs. The integrated battery
has a strong
capacity, allowing extended outings
in hilly terrain. In short,
Uproc4 is the ideal choice for
explore new terrain.

price location.jfif
helmet image.png

10 francs

Insurance and conditions

General Terms and Conditions


1. Subject of the contract
The purpose of these general rental conditions is to determine the rental terms and conditions.
Electric Assisted Bike, or Muscle Bike with or without accessories, equipped with equipment provided by Jura vaud Bike sàrl, hereinafter referred to as the Rental Company, The bike, its accessories and its
basic equipment rented hereunder, taken alone or collectively, are hereinafter referred to as “the Rented Goods”.


2. Contractual relations
The contract is concluded between the Lessor and the customer, a natural person, hereinafter referred to as “the Lessee
". Consequently, said contract is neither assignable nor transferable. By his signature, the Tenant
declares to have read these General Conditions as well as the rental contract, and to accept them
without reservation.

3. Prerequisites for being a Tenant during rental
The Tenant must be a natural person over the age of 18, declare that they are capable of practicing
cycling and have no medical contraindication to this practice. The Tenant must have a
minimum height of 1.50 m. Children and young people under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult who has the status of Renter. When
signature of the contract, the Tenant may be asked for a valid identity document.


4. Equipment of Rented Property
Each Bike is equipped with basic equipment and accessories according to current standards. The properties are rented with their basic equipment (helmet) the VAEs are also equipped with the battery, front lighting, bell.


5. Rental rates
Jura vaud Bike sàrl provides the tenant with one or more bicycles (bicycle, mountain bike, e-bike) as well as accessories under the pricing conditions in force on the day the rental contract is signed. Prices are mentioned on the rental website and at the rental point depending on
opening days and hours.

6. Payment and methods of payment for the service
The service is paid by the Tenant under the following conditions:

At the time of conclusion of the contract in the event of immediate provision of the rented goods or at the time of the order in
case of internet reservation. Accepted payment methods are: by credit card

or in cash. Payment by check is not accepted. In the same way, any other sums possibly due for the rental (possible rental extensions not subscribed to at the start of the rental period, repairs, etc.) are payable upon restitution by
bank card or cash. Rental rates are subject to change.

7. Security deposit / security deposit
As a guarantee of the proper execution of its obligations by the Tenant, the latter must pay a security deposit or Guarantee deposit Jura vaud Bike sàrl  in the amount of 500frs by VAE and by bank card and leave an identity document during the rental period. Photocopies will not be accepted – the name of the bank card and the identity document must match.
This deposit is not collected during the rental period. Jura vaud Bike sàrl  reserves the right to
keep the deposit for 48 hours.
Upon return of the Rented Goods, the deposit is returned to the tenant after deduction of any
By express agreement, the security deposit is allocated to Jura vaud Bike sàrl  in full ownership up to the sums owed by the Tenant to Jura vaud Bike sàrl  in the event that the Tenant does not
not pay any amount due to the lessor when due.
The Tenant authorizes the Lessor to deduct the sums due from the deposit:
- under the franchise
- for repair of damage and theft, the costs of which are set out in the annex to the damaged parts”
- as compensation for late return of rented goods.
It is expressly agreed that the amount of the deposit cannot under any circumstances constitute a limit
guarantee (in the event of breakage or theft for example) the lessor retaining, where applicable, the right to pursue the lessee in order to obtain full compensation for his damage.

7. Obligations of the Lessor
The Lessor offers Rented Goods in good working order and makes available to the Lessee,
at his request, the equipment necessary for his safety (helmet). It declines all responsibility in the event of
non-use or non-compliant use of the Goods Rented by the Tenant or those made available to him.
Provence E-bike recommends making a reservation request at least 48 hours in advance.

8. Tenant’s Obligations
The Tenant certifies that he is able to use the Rented Goods, which he undertakes to use himself and in compliance with safety principles. He undertakes to respect the rules of the highway code and to
use the Rented Goods as a “responsible person”, to return said goods at the end of the rental period provided for in the contract and under the conditions detailed below.
9. Conditions of use of the Rented Goods
By signing this contract, the Renter declares that he is capable of cycling and has no medical contraindications, and expressly excludes any liability of the Renter in this regard.

The use of the Rented Goods is strictly linked to the person of the Lessee. Consequently, the loan
or subletting is strictly prohibited. If the Tenant wishes to use the Rented Goods outside of the routes proposed by the Lessor, he undertakes to travel only on the roads, tracks
cycle paths and vehicle paths. The Tenant is informed upon departure about the battery life. In the event of battery exhaustion, the Lessor
is not responsible. The Renter undertakes not to use the VAE beyond its capacity and to respect the following instructions; child trailer: its use is limited to 2 children from 2 to 6 years old for an overall weight
not exceeding 26kg; luggage trailer and luggage carrier bags: the Renter is responsible for securing the luggage transported. Phone holder and bag: the tenant is responsible for
the securing of the support or bag and what it contains (in this case the rental company's telephone) in the event of a fall or loss, the Renter is not responsible. The tenant expressly declares to have received from the Lessor all the safety information regarding the wearing of a helmet, acknowledging that a helmet has
been offered for rental, thus excluding any liability of the Lessor in the event of damage.
When parking, the Tenant must secure the Rented Goods with a support anchored to the ground (example: street furniture, tree, etc.) using the anti-theft device provided by the Lessor. As such,
the Renter undertakes to keep the VAE protected by an anti-theft device outside periods of use by keeping the keys with him and undertakes to use, during each stop, the anti-theft device, to be returned
You must have the keys at the Rental Company's counter. Otherwise, the Renter will be held liable if the VAE is stolen. All fines, fees, expenses and taxes on any breaches of legislation
relating to traffic, parking or others, during the duration of this contract, are the responsibility of the Tenant.
The rented goods must be returned in the same working condition and appearance as when they were made available, with the tires in good condition. Failing this, any costs of repairing the rented property will be borne by the Tenant.
If the Renter wishes to transport the rented goods by his own means, Jura vaud Bike sàrl declines all responsibility for the operation and safety of the bicycle after loading.
Also, the Tenant must:
- inform Jura vaud Bike sàrl in advance,
- test the equipment before loading it,
- establish a precise inventory of the premises, complete with photos,
- ensure that the rented goods are not damaged during transport by using appropriate means.
The Tenant is solely responsible for any problems that arise during the monitoring of the routes.

offered by the rental company in paper map or GPS file format (direction error, getting lost,
traffic on lane not authorized for bicycles etc...). The tenant must check his abilities in relation to the choice of route. Jura vaud Bike sàrl cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident or any
other bodily injury suffered by the tenant. Jura vaud Bike sàrl cannot be held responsible in the event of non-compliance with the highway code by the tenant.

10. Implementation of the contract
The entry into force of the contract and the transfer of risks and charges on the rented item begins at the moment
from the withdrawal of the Rented Goods by the Tenant ending with the complete return of the Rented Goods
in accordance with the provisions detailed below. In the case of an early return, with regard to the date stipulated in the contract, the Renter will not be able to claim any reimbursement. The provision and collection of the Rented Goods takes place at the Lessor's operating premises with the exception of customers who have opted for delivery of the goods by the Lessor. The Tenant acknowledges that the Property
Rented is rented in perfect working order and undertakes to use it with care. In the event of a technical failure of the Rented Property during the rental, the Tenant will not be able to claim any damages from the Lessor. The Tenant declares that the Rented Goods are in good working order and cleanliness.
and charge of the battery as expressly noted by the parties when establishing the state
Rented Property. The Lessee must make any complaint to the Lessor when establishing said condition, declaring that he personally had complete freedom to check the Rented Goods (and in particular the correct fixing of the saddle and pedals, the correct functioning of the brakes, the good general condition of the frame
and tires) and choose them according to your needs.

In the event of failure of the Rented Goods or exhaustion of the battery during the rental, the Renter will not be able to claim any damages from the Renter.

11. Reservation – Cancellation
All reservations result in the receipt of a 30% deposit. The Renter has the right to cancel a reservation under the following conditions: more than 30 days before the service: cancellation without
reason and return of the deposit, from 30 days to 24 hours before the service: as compensation the Lessor keeps the deposit paid, less than 24 hours before the service: the entire service
is invoiced, in accordance with the rate in effect on the day of rental, to the Renter, who undertakes to pay it. Cancellation fees will not be paid when the cancellation is caused by the duly justified illness of the Renter.

12.  Repairs
In the event of a need for repairs, the Tenant must, as far as possible, present themselves
from the rental point. An exchange or repair will then be carried out. The Renter undertakes not to intervene on the Rented Goods in the event of a breakdown, with the exception of and in the event of a puncture, by replacing the emergency inner tube without damaging the rim which may be the responsibility of the Renter depending on the degree of deterioration of the property. For any other reason, the Renter must contact the Lessor without delay at the number appearing on the rental contract. Only the Lessor is able to judge whether a repair
falls under maintenance due to normal wear and tear, a hidden defect and therefore the responsibility of the Lessor, or if the repair is due to damage suffered by the equipment during the rental, and therefore the responsibility of the Lessee and to make him bear the corresponding amount. The tenant will thus be required
to pay for all damage caused to the VAE or its accessories during the rental period.

13. Restitution
The return of the Rented Goods will be made at the contractual deadline, it being specified that for half-day rentals, the Rented Goods must be returned before 12:30 p.m. or before 6:30 p.m. (high time).
season*) depending on whether the half-day is morning or afternoon, for day rentals the Rented Goods must be returned before 6:30 p.m. (high season time*). Any late return will result in the application of a fixed penalty equal to the rate of one day's rental per half-day or day of delay. The return of the Rented Goods will be made at the Lessor's premises or at any location
provided for in the contract in the event of delivery by the Lessor. A statement of the Rented Goods will be drawn up and signed by the parties upon return. If the Tenant keeps the Rented Goods beyond the period provided for in the contract without having regularized his situation and/or does not return the Rented Goods during the Lessor's reception hours, he loses the benefit of the guarantees provided for in the contract and remains responsible until
delivery of the Rented Goods to the Lessor. The Tenant undertakes to return the Rented Goods in the condition in which he rented them, except for normal wear and tear. The extension of the rental contract will be done on
express request from the Tenant to the Lessor and necessarily before the end of the rental. The Lessor may refuse the extension without reason.
Jura vaud Bike sàrl reserves the right to modify the return times whatever the period, the tenant will be informed when collecting the rented goods.

14.  Help from the Lessor
The tenant rents the VAE in perfect working order. An inner tube is provided for each rental allowing you to cope in the event of a puncture. The tenant is therefore responsible for returning the VAE to
starting rental point. However, the tenant can benefit from assistance from the Lessor in the event of breakage of the bicycle, incident or accident to repatriate the bicycle to the point of departure.
Repatriation assistance is free in the event of problems inherent to the bicycle, linked to poor maintenance or a manufacturing defect. Apart from these cases of support, problems such as derailment, battery exhaustion, puncture, breakage following improper use are not covered. In these cases, the tenant will bear the cost fixed at a flat rate of 100frs including tax per
intervention of the Lessor.
This assistance is possible during the opening days and hours of the rental point. It is geographically limited to roads accessible to motor vehicles within a radius of 15 km
from the rental point).
Failing this, the tenant will make his best efforts to reach an accessible route.


15.  Tenant Liability – Damage to rented property
The Renter is personally responsible for any damage he causes when using the rented property. The liability of the Lessor cannot be called into question for damages suffered.
or caused by the VAE bicycle(s) and the Accessories, unless it is proven that this damage is due to an internal defect or a lack of maintenance of the VAE bicycle(s) and the Accessories.
The tenant declares that he holds personal civil liability insurance which guarantees the liability incurred during the use of the rented Goods both by himself, the people in his care and his employees. In addition, he expressly declares to exclude any liability from the
Lessor arising from the use of the Rented Goods, in particular with regard to the consequences
bodily, material and immaterial accidents of all kinds.
The tenant therefore does not benefit from any coverage for damage suffered by the rented item and is personally liable for said damage, breakage, loss and theft.
In the event of breakage: The tenant undertakes to return the damaged equipment and it must be recognizable and complete. Damage to the equipment will be invoiced to the tenant according to the current rate annexed to this contract.
In case of theft :
Theft and loss of rented goods are not covered. In this case, lost or stolen rented goods will be invoiced to the tenant on the basis of the new replacement value shown below. In
Furthermore, the Renter must contact the Lessor without delay, file a complaint with the authorized authorities and provide a photocopy of the complaint. In the event of theft by the Renter, misappropriation or any damage resulting from non-compliance with the rules of use, regulations in force,
force, or the terms and conditions of this contract, the Lessor is entitled to exercise recourse for the entirety of the damage.

16.  Eviction of the Lessor
The Rented Goods cannot be transferred or given as guarantee. The Tenant undertakes in one way
general not to grant with regard to the Rented Goods any rights, real or otherwise, for the benefit of anyone, likely to affect their enjoyment or limit their availability or the full ownership of the Lessor. He undertakes never to transfer the rental contract, nor sell, mortgage or pawn the VAE, its equipment, or its tools, nor treat them in a way that is detrimental to the Lessor. Any violation of any of these commitments authorizes the Lessor to give the Renter formal notice to return the vehicle without delay.

17. Data Protection Act
The information collected is subject to computer processing intended for the exclusive use of Jura vaud Bike sàrl  whose head office is at 1188 Saint-George. In accordance with the law, the Tenant has a
right to rectification of information concerning him by contacting Jura vaud Bike sàrl. The Tenant may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of data concerning him.

18. Different – Mediation
In the event of any dispute relating to the execution, interpretation or termination of this
contract, the competent Court will be that of the registered office of the lessor to which the parties attribute exclusive jurisdiction.

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