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About Us

Sharing and listening are the two keywords that come to mind to qualify jura vaud bike.

Our mission here is not only to offer you an unforgettable mountain biking experience or even to help you grow in this sport, but also to reconnect you to the elements and harmonize your senses.


The practice of "mountain biking" has taken a huge stepping stone in recent years and especially in the world of "enduro" and "crosse country" which quickly led to the creation of "DH" (downhill) or others which are unfortunately sometimes badly located and are likely to disturb the fauna and flora around.

To do this, we work in collaboration with the "Vtt jura Vaudois club" to raise awareness and formalize certain passages and thus allow a practice seine and in awareness of our passion in respect of nature and for our greatest pleasure.


At JURA-VAUD-BIKE.CH, our priority is the full satisfaction of the riders. We opened our services in 2022, from our experience in the sector, we use our commercial skills and our large network to guarantee you a trip that meets your expectations.


- Whatever type you are thinking of, you can be sure that we have the experience to organize it with ease.


- Whatever your ride needs, we're here to help.


Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions relating to our offers or a possible meeting.

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